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New Media News TV has a long track record of working with universities, hospitals, governmental bodies & corporations on both sides of the Atlantic, to create video content designed to help clients meet their strategic and marketing aims. We help make sure we deliver the key message in an impactful way to the target audience.


We work in partnership with select not-for-profit membership associations, and governmental and non-governmental bodies, to produce network-quality video programming for multi-media distribution, including websites, social media feeds and relevant news outlets.


Our clients use the video content we produce to get their messages across for fundraising, donor and alumni engagement, recruitment, staff retention, admissions and for reaching out to the public with a specific message. We work closely with them in a collaborative way to identify salient and compelling themes that engage the audience they wish to speak to, consistent with their branding guidelines.


Over the past few years, our clients have increasingly asked us to explore and highlight their work creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and communicate those accomplishments to the public. As important as it is in healthcare to have practitioners reflect the patient populations they serve, this imperative applies to public-facing organizations in a wide array of professions and industries. We look forward to working with organizations for which our expertise in Racial Diversity, Equity and Social Inclusion (DEI) might be valuable.


All of NMN TV's producers have many years of experience in Network News for national broadcast television, including NBC, CBS and PBS. They and their camera crews meld documentary production values with cinematic creativity, on deadline and within the agreed budget. Please go to Testimonials for more insights into working with us. 

Cleveland Clinic: Quality & Practice
Loyola Univ. Chicago
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American Associatin of Colleges of Nursing
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