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Story Development:
The first step is to discuss the themes, issues and goals for the films with the NMN TV producers during a scheduled conference call. We will work with you to help pinpoint key messages, and identify the people who are best suited to convey those messages, signature initiatives and programs on camera. We discuss the interview questions and develop a shooting schedule.

Shoot Planning:
In the weeks between the initial conference call and our arrival to your location, the lead producer will work with you to decide on interview subjects, filming locations and visually rich activities to capture for b-roll. We advise on how to maximize the filming days, and help you develop a schedule for the 12-hour shoot.

Back in our studios the footage is screened and the interviews transcribed. Working closely with the organization, we send you a draft script for feedback, and then edit the footage into a high-definition, network-quality film. Each segment of the production process requires your review and approval, and no final cut is broadcast without your sign-off.

After Care
We are keen to develop a long-term relationship with everyone we partner with. For this reason, we work closely with you and go to great lengths to ensure you are completely satisfied with the films and our service. Please feel free to contact any of our clients for a glowing testimonial!

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